Timeline Commands

Access your Product Timeline log and add significant events from Slack.

Fuzy's Product Timeline can help your team document and gain a deeper understanding of what is impacting your product.

There are two ways significant events can be annotated to your Product Timeline — manually added by you and your team, or automatically generated based on source data integrations (eg. CI/CD, Salesforce, Hubspot, etc.). Manually adding annotations or viewing your Product Timeline can be done from either the Fuzy app or right from Slack using the fuzy-timeline command.

Once added, these Timeline updates are visible across all insights within Fuzy to add context about what's impacting usage and outcomes and reduce repeat, root cause analysis across your teams. These annotations also serve as a cue to the Fuzy Insight Engine to watch for potential changes in your user behavior and outcomes and surface those insights proactively.


After installing slack in your slack workspace, you can run /fuzy-timeline command.

This will return a list of the most recent events logged in your Product Timeline.

You can also annotate additional events (e.g. a product release, a marketing campaign, outage, etc.).