Enable the BigQuery API for the project that contain your BigQuery instance. Enable Access to API

Authorize Access

Create a service account

  1. In the Google Cloud console, go to the Create Service account page. Make sure you selected the correct GCP project that hosts your BigQuery instance.

  2. Enter a descriptive name for Service account name and click Create and continue.

  3. Grant the following roles to your service account:

    1. BigQuery Job User
  4. Click Done to finish creating the service account.

Set up dataset-level permission

We strongly recommend exposing only the specific dataset needed to Fuzy.

  1. Go to the BigQuery console and select the dataset you want to share with Fuzy
  2. Click Sharing > Permissions.
  3. Click Add Principal.
  4. In the New principals field, enter the service account you created above and make sure to assign roles BigQuery Data Viewer and BigQuery Metadata Viewer
  5. Click Save.

Create a service account key

  1. In the Google Cloud console, click on the email address of the service account you just created.

  1. Go to Keys, click Add Key and Create new key.
  2. Click Create. Save that key locally.
  3. Please send that key to Fuzy.


All customer credentials will be encrypted and stored in AWS secret manager.