Datadog RUM

Connecting Datadog RUM to Fuzy

Please follow Datadog's instructions here for how to access your unique API key and Application key. In short, here are the steps to follow:

API key:

  1. Navigate to Organization settings, then click the API keys.
  2. Click the New Key button.
  3. Enter a name for your key.
  4. Click Create API key.

Application key:

  1. Navigate to Organization Settings, then click Application Keys.
  2. Click New Key.
  3. Application Key Requirments:
    • Datadog Read Only Role.
    • No Additional Scopes - the read only role already limits permissions to what's required for our event syncs, so no additional scopes are needed.

If you haven't already , we strongly recommend you to identify yours users . Here's the instructions . (When setting up DDOG, you have to explicitly send the user info — it's a standard field, but sometimes this isn't obvious to engineering or whomever set it up initially.)