Fuzy Event API & SDK

How to track user behavior when you don't currently have a product analytics tool



Please contact [email protected] for an API key.

Data Model

Our API/Data Model supports the following concepts:

  1. Products: This refers to your product or app. You may just have a single product, e.g. a SaaS Web App. You may have multiple products, e.g. a web app, an iOS app and an Android app; or you may have a suite of related products.
  2. Accounts: These are your corporate customers, e.g. Acme Corp. There may be multiple levels of accounts, e.g. Acme Corp may be your primary customer, but under Acme Corp there could be Acme Manufacturing, Acme Retail, Acme Space Exploration etc. We support multiple levels of accounts.
  3. Users: Users are the individual people that are logging into your app. Users belong to an account.
  4. Events: Events are user activity - page views, button clicks, push notifications etc. Every event must have a description of the event, timestamp, a user/account, and a product.

Using the Fuzy API

First thing you need to do is set up your products. A default product will have been set up for you, but if you want to change this, or you have multiple products, use the /v3/product endpoint to view/configure your products.

Then start sending us events (page views, button clicks, notifications etc) using our /v3/event endpoint. Note if you can fully populate the user object (telling us which account this user belongs to, and give us the identifiers needed to link that user to the payment processor), then you don't strictly need to use our /v3/account or /v3/user endpoints, unless you want to provide additional information.

If you are unable to fully populate the user object in the /v3/event body, then please use the /v3/account and /v3/user endpoints to associate users with accounts, and link accounts to their parent accounts and payment processor ids.

Instrument your UI

You can use PUT /v3/event

Alternatively, you can use one of our SDKs (more coming)

  1. JS - https://github.com/fuzy-ai/fuzy-js