Understand what drives revenue, retention, upgrades, and more

Connecting Hubspot to Fuzy will construct a more complete picture of how your product is impacting business outcomes. You'll gain a deeper understanding of how user/account behaviors impact various metrics such as retention, revenue, account expansions, trial-to-paid conversions, and more.

To connect Hubspot, go to the Settings & Integrations page in Fuzy, click on the Hubspot logo, and then follow the steps. You'll be prompted to log into your Hubspot account to grant access to Fuzy. Once complete, Fuzy will start backfilling Hubspot data into you account and setup a daily sync so that all new data syncs seamlessly.

Fuzy syncs to the following Hubspot data:

  • Companies & Contact Information
  • Deal & Line Item Transactions
  • Feedback Submissions
  • Customer Service Interactions


Our customers trust us with sensitive data because we designed our ISMS based on the industry's best practices and recommendations from CIS and NIST. Refer to Security Summary for more information.