PII Data

How Fuzy handles PII (Personally Identifiable Information)

Fuzy.AI does not store any PII data with the exception of the following:

  • Email addresses - used to tie users and accounts together between different system (e.g. connecting users between MixPanel and Salesforce).
  • City/State/Country/Country Code - used for user segmentation purposes.
  • Source system identifiers - used only to connect user information together. In general these identifiers do not contain PII data but we cannot be 100% sure that is not the case, so Fuzy treats them accordingly.

Any/all other PII data is either not extracted, or immediately discarded.

The PII data listed above is stripped out of the dataset upon ingestion and stored in secure/restricted areas within our AWS stack. These values are replaced with UUID's to create an anonymized dataset.

Further details can be found in Fuzy's Security Summary.