Fuzy Copilot

Your AI analyst for customer insights.

What is Fuzy Copilot?

Fuzy Copilot is an AI analyst that understands the latest data about your customers and product adoption to help you answer questions fast, without manual analysis or help from your operations team. Use Fuzy Copilot to answer questions in the moment, and help you catch up on the latest account trends right in Slack with Fuzy's AI analyst . You can include Fuzy Copilot as part of a group discussion, validate a hypothesis in real-time, or download data straight from Slack without hunting through dashboards, spreadsheets, or multiple tools.

Where do I access Fuzy Copilot?

Right from Slack! Fuzy Copilot is currently in alpha and exclusively available for use from Slack. Soon you'll be to access Copilot within the Fuzy UI as well.

How do I get started?

Once the Fuzy app is connected to your Slack workspace, Fuzy Copilot is available to any full member of that workspace by using the /fuzy-copilot Slack command followed by your question. To get started:

  1. Initial setup:
    1. DMs
    2. Channels: You need to add @FuzyAI to the Slack channel before you can use Fuzy Copilot. (This step only needs to be completed once per channel.)
  2. Start a conversation:
    1. To start a conversation with Fuzy Copilot, type /fuzy-copilot.
    2. Fuzy Copilot will then automatically start a Slack Thread and respond to your message.
  3. Ask follow-on questions: You can continue to ask follow-on questions within that thread by mentioning @FuzyAI.
  4. Include others: If you’re in a channel (public or private) you can mention other members in your workspace to include them to interact with the Copilot conversation, just as you would use standard Slack Threads.

What can Fuzy Copilot answer questions about?

Fuzy Copilot can answer questions about in-app customer behavior and general questions about your product. You can also ask about any of the core components of Fuzy including:

  • Targets
  • Correlations
  • Pathways
  • Segments
  • Anomalies
  • Accounts
  • Users (coming soon)

What are some of the ways I can use Fuzy Copilot?

For example, if you have a Target in your Fuzy app titled ‘View Settings Page’, you could ask the following questions for more insights around this Target:

  1. What events compose View Settings Page?
    1. This would return a list of events that will trigger activity being related back to this Target
  2. What events are most heavily correlated with View Settings Page?
    1. This will return the list of events with the strongest positive and negative correlations to this Target
  3. What are my top 3 pathways for target: View Settings Page?
    1. Asking this will provide you the main pathways users take to get to the page in question
  4. What are the top segments related to target: View Settings Page?
    1. As with the others, this will provide deeper detail around the specific Target, this time focusing on your Segmentation
  5. What are my latest anomalies?
    1. Unlike the other questions, this questions will be Target agnostic, instead returning a list of the most recent Anomalies that Fuzy has identified across your app

In addition to specific questions in the example above, members of your Slack workspace can ask more general questions such as:

  • What can I ask?
  • What is my team focused on currently?
  • What were the most active accounts last quarter?

Collaborating with your team


If you’re in a channel (public or private) you can mention other members in your workspace to include them in the conversation, just as you would use standard Slack Threads.

Sharing Messages

You can use all of the standard Slack message interactions, like ‘Copy link’ and ‘Forward message’.

Can I get more details from Fuzy Copilot in our Fuzy app?

Each message response from Fuzy Copilot has a menu of options:

  • Open in Fuzy app
  • Download data as a csv (for Targets and Events)