Product Timeline & Annotations

How to document learnings and notes on your your Product Timeline in Fuzy.

Annotations are timestamped notes that provide context or root causes surrounding changes in customer usage patterns. Annotations can correspond to product events of significance, such as product releases, marketing events, outages, and perhaps even the onboarding of new large accounts. These events may be associated with a change (or expected change) in usage or user flows. Annotations can be either user documented, or auto-generated (such as those coming from Fuzy's CI/CD integration).

When you add a new annotation, that annotation is logged on your Product Timeline and will appear on any time series chart within Fuzy, as well as in the Annotations feed. This will be visible to all users of your Fuzy workspace and can help the entire team understand what is happening across products that may be impacting user behavior, and reduce repeat analysis.

You can add annotations from multiple places in Fuzy:

  • when viewing an insight anomaly graph — click ‘Add an annotation' or the '+' on the graph which will open the Annotations side panel and auto populate the start and end date range.
  • when viewing Inbox — click the labeled button at the top right to open the Annotations side panel. Tip: this is a great option for quickly logging multiple annotations with various timeframes.
  • when viewing Home — click the in-line form on Timeline


Have a source of data you want feed into Fuzy as annotations? Sources such as marketing campaigns, events, etc. can be supported as auto-generated annotations via integrations or bulk uploads. Contact your CSM to discuss.