Metric Commands

Access core business metrics and Target statistics from Slack.

Using Fuzybot's Metric Commands enables you and any member of your Slack workspace to access core metrics directly from Slack commands. This means no hunting through dashboards for a piece of data you need, SQL queries, or requesting support from your dev team.

~24 hours after we begin receiving your product event data, basic metrics such as DAU, MAU, WAU, user stickiness, daily event count, etc. will gradually become available to access via Slack commands with Fuzybot.

You can further refine a metric command by any available Segment, such as Active_Users, New_Users, etc.


The/fuzy-metrics command has feature parity to /list-metrics and /download-metric-content. You can find a comprehensive list of all available metrics here.


After installing slack in your slack workspace, you can type /fuzy-metrics to access the command.

This will trigger an interactive experience in Slack that will allow you to select the metric and the segment of your choice.


All date is following the ISO 8601 format