Metric Watch & Product Digests

Receive automated updates on key product metrics and new learnings from your team

As an alternative to regularly using Metric Commands, you can use Metric Watch to receive automated, recurring updates via email or in Slack. To create a Metric Watch:

  1. Click on the Settings page from the left navigation panel and select Notifications.
  2. Click Add new. You'll be prompted to select:
    1. which metrics and Targets you want to receive (Hint: a list of any recent Timeline Annotations in your Fuzy workspace will be included by default for added context).
    2. how frequently you want to receive the update (daily or weekly) and when
    3. the channel in your Slack workspace where you want to receive that Metric Watch

You can make updates to a Metric Watch at any time by navigating back to Notifications and editing any of your previous selections. If you no longer want to receive a Metric Watch, click the Trash icon to the right of that specific notification.


If you haven’t already, you’ll need to connect your Slack workspace and make sure you add Fuzybot to each channel where you want to receive notifications.