Product Data Integrations

Connect Fuzy to your product stack

The first step to understand your product better with Fuzy is connecting us with your product event data.

Third Party Integrations


Please follow the instruction here to get your API and secret keys.


Please follow the instruction here to access your integration key.


Access Requirement

Pendo API access is available only for customers at the Team tier and above. Check with your Pendo admin at your company or your Pendo CS rep if you are unsure whether you have API access.


  1. Log into your Mixpanel account as an admin.
  2. Select the settings page of the project that you want to analyze.
Note the `Project Id` , you will need this later

Note the Project Id , you will need this later

  1. Please add a new service account and grant it Analyst role. Give it some descriptive name, for example fuzy_ai_prd.
  2. Make sure to copy the Username and Secret of the new service account.


Please follow the instruction here [ to connect BigQuery to Heap

Then, you can connect Fuzy to BigQuery by following the instruction here [


Our customers trust us with sensitive data because we designed our ISMS based on the industry's best practices and recommendations from CIS and NIST. Refer to Security Summary for more information.

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